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    PaperSan is a contemporary stationery specialist with a deep passion in fostering human connections, promoting expression of inner feelings and the celebration of every unique moment in life. We make it our mission to source the most distinctive paper-based products, including greeting cards, journals and art prints, from boutique artisans and designers around the world to offer you the most wondrous gifting experience to connect, share and express yourself with those closet to your heart.

    From Sandy





    Greeting cards are wondrous. Throughout my teenage years studying far away from home in boarding school and adulthood through university and work, I have collected abundance of wonderful memories, words of encouragement, best wishes and sentiments from friends, family and colleagues, all plainly hand-written and profoundly expressed via greeting cards. All these played a part in shaping the person I am today, all these reminded me to celebrate and cherish every unique moment in life, to care and to love, to keep calm and carry on, or to go the extra miles and keep going after dreams......


    With these positive experiences, I have long been wanting to make a difference to those around me, to offer people with another way to connect, to express and to share. In 2018, I decided to leave my corporate job and embark on a new journey as an entrepreneur. PaperSan was created. I really hope that here at PaperSan we could reignite that spark in your heart, feeding you with new inspirations to live life to the fullest and find your ways to re-connect with those dearest to you.


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